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The following information is a guide to give you all the information you need to get out there and start delivering!

Even though a lot of the world is now online leaflet dropping still serves as one of the major sources of incoming real estate seller enquiry. Not only is it a great way to stay fit and healthy, but with clever planning and content creation, it can form a major part of any real estate business – big or small.

How big an area, how many hours?

The size of the are you decide to deliver to all depends on the amount of time per week you can dedicate to the task. On average, you will be delivering notes once every 2-3 weeks, depending on the time of year. This means it is very important that whatever area you are assigned to deliver to, you have both the time and physical conditioning to do it consistently.

What are the benefits of a farm area?

The idea of having a regular area that you deliver to is that it will work to build the “Scott Collins” brand in that area. This will mean more call ins and better results from those call ins. Being familiar to a homeowner can be 80% of the challenge when it comes to listing their home for sale.

What am I delivering?


Having a variety of leaflets to drop is a crucial part of the process. Homeowners very quickly become familiar with a design of a note so the look and purpose of it will have to vary from time to time to maximise the readership of the material. The design of the leaflet will broadly fall in to three categories:

  1. Generic Branding.

  2. Buyer Requests.

  3. Results – “Just Listed” & “Just Sold”.


See below a few examples:

Category 1.

DL Example.PNG

Category 2.

leaflet example for website_p1.jpg

Category 3.

Just listed.PNG

How many results can I expect?


Building a profile in an area can take time. At first the results should be few and far between but will grow as time goes on. The category of the note also has an effect. Generally, category 2. (Buyer requests) have the best ratio. They can be as good as one seller enquiry per 100. Category 1 Can be a ratio of 1:2000.

Often, category 1 & 2 will be delivered together to increase the hit rate.

See the example at the bottom of the page re Lilydale C

What is Strava? Why Strava?

Strava is primarily an exercise app which utilises the GPS in your phone to record your walk. It’s a great way to track you progress and gives me an idea of when I may be able to expect calls from a given area. Watch the video below to get an idea of how it works:

Planning your walk.


The first few times you get out into your area its important to have a quick think about how you will walk the streets. Think about how you will cover all the streets in the area in the shortest time and how you will avoid accidentally doing a street/home twice. You will see in the Strava screenshot below, an example of how a walk can be done. As time goes on you will be able to do your area blindfolded.

OASD – recording signs.

Another source of listings for any agent is when they notice the “For Sale” signs of homes come down without having been sold. This source is called OASD or “Other Agents Signs Down”. Keeping a record either mentally or in writing as you walk around is another way you can generate leads that may turn to sales. A great way to do it is to use the voice recorder app on your phone to take a note of the home and write it into a book when you get back to your car. This won’t be your primary source of leads but it all adds up!

Which letterboxes for which note?

When to not leave a note. For Category 1 and 3 notes, only put in letter boxes that do NOT have stickers on that say:*

  1. No Junk Mail

  2. Posted letter only

  3. Australia Post only


*if in doubt, skip the letter box and write down why you were not sure and let me know next time we speak.

On occasion category 2 notes will be handwritten and designed for specific types of homes in your area. When this is the case it will be permitted to put those notes in the specific homes they relate to regardless of the sticker on the letterbox.

A great way to know what homes a given note should be delivered to is via the website This site gives you an overview of the homes in your area that have been subdivided already. Don’t agonise over it though. If in doubt about what type of home it is, put it in the letterbox anyway and I’ll deal with the call! See screenshot:


Common challenges.

See below a few pictures of letterboxes designed to catch you out!

letterbox 3.jpg

Handwritten and hard to find!

letterbox 1.jpg

Check the sign unit number before delivering to this one. Only deliver to homes with not other agents signs!

letterbox 2.jpg

Always put one in the "Owners Corporation" box.


No Junk Mail Sticker on left side can be easily missed!

IMG_7362 (2).JPG

Like this one, some signs refer to doorknocking rather than junk mail!

IMG_7354 (2).JPG

If it's clear to read skip it, if not, put it in and I'll deal with the complaint if there is one!

What if you are unable to deliver?


Given the requirement for regularity of delivering - once every 2-3 weeks. If you are going on holiday, sick or unavailable to deliver its important that you let me know ASAP so I can make arrangements to have someone them deliver them in your place.

Dealing with complaints.

99.9% of complaints will come directly to me via the phone number included on the materials you deliver. Should anyone make complaints directly to you, give them my number and I will handle the complaint.

Over time there may be the odd individual that specifically asks for us to cease delivery. Should this happen a shared Google Sheets document will be created and shared with you to keep track of those who have made these requests.

Will I be an employee of Scott Collins @realty?

No. If your application is successful you will be eligible to provide services to Scott Collins @realty as an independent contractor - not as our employee.

Do I need and Australian Business Number (ABN)?

Yes you are required to provide an ABN to Scott Collins @realty before commencement.


A summary of  the rules:

  • Only put in letter boxes that do NOT have stickers on that say:*

    • No Junk Mail

    • Posted letter only

    • Australia Post only


*if in doubt, skip the letter box and write down why you weren’t sure and let me know next time we speak. Category 2 notes may be exempt. Ask of not sure.

  • Walking only. Don’t run between letter boxes.

  • Log all your walks on Strava.

  • To make the most of your time, plan how you are going to walk it the night before.

  • If you put a leaflet in a letterbox then realise you should not have, do not worry, just leave it in there. Rifling through someone’s letterbox isn’t a good look!

  • Put all correspondence in the letter section of the letterbox. Putting leaflets in the circular tube often results in the leaflet blowing away or being mixed up with the local junk mail.

  • Do NOT leave material in letter boxes where another agents sign is present.

  • Any questions call me. No such thing as a silly question.

Example Area: Lilydale B

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