Buy Off Market!

Are you running short of patience with open homes and auctions and generally frustrated having to navigate the confusing market landscape? What if there was a way to simply buy off market and sidestep the whole process?

This free service is exactly what it sounds like. We find homes for buyers to inspect and purchase off the market. No open homes and no auctions. Just a private inspection and a decision as to whether or not it feels like home!

The following steps explain the process in more detail:

Step 1. Begin by providing us, via email (see below) or text message, some details as to the kind of property you are looking for, its ideal location, rough price and crucially, written permission to use your name on any marketing material. 

Step 2. A form of letter (such as, but not limited to the example below) will be created and delivered to home owners who we think have what you are looking for.

Step 3. A Facebook ad can be created and promoted in the geographic area you are looking to buy.


Step 4. An email describing what you are looking for will be sent to Scott Collins @realty's existing database of potential sellers.

Step 5. Your requirements can also be posted on www.scottcollins.com/homes-wanted

Step 6. Any specific homes that you identify as suitable will be door-knocked and asked if they are interested in selling.

Step 7. Any seller inquiries that are received will be qualified to find out if they have what you are looking for and are ready to sell now.

Step 8. Qualified sellers will be then exclusively listed by Scott Collins @realty.

Step 9. You or your Buyers' Advocate will be notified immediately of the new property and be given the opportunity to inspect prior to the home being formally marketed.

Step 10. If the home is suitable and a deal can be struck for its purchase, contracts can be drawn up and the sales process will commence.

Example of letter that will be delivered.

Example of Facebook Sponsored Ad.

This service can be tailored to suit your requirments for privacy so please let us know if there is anything we can do to make you feel more comfortable.

*Important notes: 1. Given the time required to complete, this is a limited service and subject to availability. 2. There are no fees payable for The Home Finding Service. As the fee for selling will be paid by the seller to the agent, The Home Finding Service only extends to the sourcing of the site and not the negotiation of the sale. At this point Scott Collins @realty will be engaged by the seller and therefore working in their best interests. 3. On some rare occasions the seller will have a preference to putting the home on the market rather than to offer the home exclusively to the buyer. In this situation the home will only be made known to the buyer/s once on the market as per the sellers instructions.

Let's get started!

Email: scottcollins@atrealty.com.au  /  Tel: 0499 005 265   

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