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Many sellers have a similar experience when interviewing agents:

The agent arrives right on time, and after inspecting the home, delivers a polished presentation that involves an intimidating amount of marketing material, grand tales of past victories, boastings of the number of offices in their network, and promises of ready buyers on the books if the owner signs up.

After two or three interviews with agents who present this way, the seller, left confused and frustrated, thinks, “all these agents look the same! How are we going to select one!?”

This fundamental question is one that can have a huge bearing on the eventual outcome and experience you will have when selling.

Some sellers feel that the way to go is to find the answer to the following questions: Which agent promised us the most money and charged the lowest fee?

Unfortunately, there is a lot more to selling than the answer to those questions and a failure to consider other factors can be devastating.

For example: Do you need to know that your agent understands your goals? Do you need to know the agent is equipped to manage the campaign to generate the most genuine interest? Do you need to know how your agent intends to negotiate the highest possible price? OF COURSE YOU DO!

Selecting an agent based on price can lead to simply selecting an agent that has mislead you, and a home that goes on the market at a price that is too high doesn’t sell.

So how do you know when you have found the right agent? Firstly, the agent should initially listen and ask questions until they have a good idea of what your goals are. Secondly the agent should be able to demonstrate that they understand the behaviour of buyers and how best to engage their interest. Lastly the agent should be able to demonstrate a clear plan that results in the best buyer paying their maximum price.

So, don’t be caught out. If you make a price-based decision alone, it could cost you thousands of dollars and months in valuable time. If you make a skill-based decision you will get the truth up front and the best possible result, in the least possible time.

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