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Does the idea of going through the stress and hassle of placing your home on the market put you off the whole process of selling? 


What if there was a way to just find the one buyer that you thought might like it and ask them to be brought around?

Below is a list of current buyers that are ready and willing to buy the right home now. If you are thinking of selling and are keen to know more about a specific buyer, fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page or simply get in touch on the mobile number provided.


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Ghan Bavadiya


Ghan Bavadiya is a developer who is looking for his next site. He is actively looking for properties with potential for 3-8 townhouses and loves the high density areas surrounding Lilydale and Mooroolbark.

Ghan's budget will depend on the site’s potential but is able to pay more should the agreed settlement term be longer.

So if you are thinking of selling now or in the next 2 years, Ghan could be the buyer you are looking for! For more details call Scott anytime on 0499005265.

Aimee Leigh


Aimee and her partner are looking for their first home! 

They are looking for a unit or small house, ideally in Kilsyth, Croydon or Ringwood.

The home should have at least 2 bedrooms, off street parking for two cars and a small grassy backyard. 

A budget of approximately $650,000 has been set aside for the purchase, however it will depend on the specific property. 

If you or someone you know would consider selling to Aimee, get in touch ASAP! 


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